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Why i play the crystal alchemy singing bowls

My Journey

2017–2020: Tumultuous Events Become a Catalyst for Change

In 2017, a series of events unfolded that would forever change my life. It all began in May, when one of my sons endured a near-death experience in my presence. Later that summer, I sustained a significant head injury in a pool accident that would require a four-year recovery process. The challenges didn’t end there: in October of the same year, our hometown was ravaged by a devastating wildfire that burned nearly 6,000 homes and structures. We witnessed it all from our own home. The wildfires returned in 2018, 2019, and 2020, wreaking destruction all around us. Then, the later part of 2020 brought another personal tragedy. In the throes of the pandemic-imposed lockdown, my father took his own life, leaving behind profound grief and loss.

I share this story not seeing myself as a victim, but as a student of life. As I navigated this difficult time, I kept asking myself what the lessons were. My intention in telling this story is to highlight the transformative power present within every hardship. Each difficult situation presents an opening—an opportunity to learn, to improve, and to grow. This principle holds true regardless of the severity or extremity of the challenge at hand. The hardships I underwent forced me to pause and contemplate the course of my life. Ultimately, these trials served as a catalyst for my personal growth, and played an integral role in shaping the person I have become today. 

Nearly all of us have experienced trauma in our lives; compound trauma, in particular, is familiar to many. My purpose and passion is to help create a bridge of healing and relief from pain and suffering while bringing in divine light that offers hope, joy, and love. 

Personal Mission and Evolution

Humans possess incredible strength that far surpasses what society has led us to believe or what we may have been taught. As a sound practitioner, I am dedicated to sharing the highest love, light, and sound frequencies through my crystal alchemy bowls. At this exciting moment in human history, children, teens, and adults are able to experience innumerable ways to heal. 

I have learned that people have the ability to heal themselves. We are all made up of energy—specifically, the Creator energy that you came into this world shining. My work as a sound healer, particularly through Sädé Journeys, is to help everyone reconnect to that energy and manifest it in everyday life.

My dream for all humanity is to break through the illusions of separateness. We weren’t meant to move though the difficulties and joy of this world alone. Sound, more than ever, is bringing us together, showing us that love is the answer to all things. It may seem clichéd, but if you contemplate that simple notion, it really makes sense.

Our world serves as a vast classroom that presents us with invaluable lessons. These lessons are not always easy, but they can offer us a state of freedom as we move into the original form we were given by the Creator. As we strive to become our best selves, we can fulfill our life’s purpose and manifest our dreams, leading to a meaningful, fulfilling, and successful existence. Every day is a precious gift that everyone should be able to live to the fullest.

My Origins

I was born in Germany and raised in Colorado. My mother and father instilled in me a great love of nature, as our family spent time in the beautiful Rockies. I moved to California’s Bay Area when I was 15 years old.

I loved living near the ocean for my four years of college, during which I completed my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Adolescent Development. I have worked as a preschool teacher, social worker, correctional counselor, volunteer for the police department in patrolling, and esthetician; I have been in my current role as owner of a natural spa for almost a decade. I am a mother of three wonderful boys. Our family has been able to spend time in Reno, Nevada; Seattle, Washington; Irvine, California; and Northern California.

I am excited to now explore and expand into the second half of my life as a sound practitioner and certified hypnotherapist, knowing this timeline is like no other to shift into working with love, light and sound.

Life Lessons

I grew up in a very loving family, with two loving parents and three siblings whom I adore. I have many fond memories of my childhood, but I also lived with a father who struggled off and on with mental illness (schizophrenia). I found refuge in sports and friends when I needed it. 

If I could describe my mother in one sentence, I would say she is all love. She dedicated her life to raising her four children. If I could describe my father in one sentence, I would say he was the kindest, most gentle man, committed to showing up in the world as best he could, until he couldn’t. My father worked hard until his mental illness consumed him. I feel such gratitude for them both. I am the person I am today because of them.

Later in life through my work, friendships, and family, I found ways to counteract some of the unhealthy beliefs and actions I had acquired that were not serving my higher self or the divine Light within me.  No one escapes life’s traumas, but how we handle trauma is what matters. Moving out of victimhood, becoming open to learning more from the lessons brought our way, engages our true power. This is when things begin to get magical!

Spiritual Connections

Growing up, I was a child who was extremely sensitive to various energies around me. I have always felt people’s pain and suffering. Since childhood, I have been able to see and feel the presence of spirits, and have connected and worked with the unseen world. I see myself as a conduit, a channel for Divine Love. 

When the bowls found me, I knew that this was how I would be able to share my abilities openly with others. I receive “downloads”—or think of them as beautiful, helpful messages—from divine presence. I personally connect to Mother Mary, Jesus, a variety of archangels, and Pure Source, which I call God. There are innumerable divine beings, and we may call them by different names, but the beautiful thing is that they all are One with the Creator.

I believe we all have the ability to connect to these powers, and I share sounds that can help you achieve this, if that is your goal. You may just want to feel more relaxation, joy, love, and peace in your life; I play for that, too, and offer Sädé Journey audios for this purpose as well. 

Who Do I Play For?

First and foremost, I play for the Pure Source energy that I call God. People around the world have various names for this loving energy. 

I don’t follow any one religion. I see myself as a human living a spiritual existence, plain and simple.  There are so many lovely divine beings, and I see them all coming from one source, one main God Spark—our Creator. I believe we all have access to various divine beings, and you should work with the ones who call to you. 

I play for Mother Earth, thanking Her for what She offers us. 

I play for those in pain and suffering, calling in joy, love, and light to heal people affected by trauma. I play to help them break free from psychological and emotional entrapment, opening doors for their transformation.

I play for the Collective, as we are beginning to understand what a mighty force we are when we are unified by love and our gorgeous energies. 

I play for for all humanity to break through the illusions of separateness. We need one another. We can help heal one another through love. We all have superpowers; sound is one way to tap into them and remember they reside within you.

My hope is that people will not only be healed through my playing of the bowls, but that they can recall and reconnect with the divine Light that accompanied them into this world at this moment in history. Despite the turbulence of our times, I am so excited for what is to come as we all reawaken to how we can love ourselves and others. We are becoming aware of our own superpowers, which will come to elevate the collective energies of the globe in a process of ascension that we can choose to take part in.

It requires effort and practice to love those who have hurt and harmed us physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Acknowledging this, we have created our audios to help people with this work. I play the singing bowls so that hearts can open to the endlessly exciting possibilities of love and light in this lifetime. The Creator that made us is also within us, making all things possible. I embrace great hope and joy for humanity, and for the children and generations to come, as we awaken to a brand-new world. 

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