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Our bodies are designed to rest and regenerate, and when we sleep well we are more alert and capable, our mood is better and it is easier to be focused and calm. How do the Crystal Alchemy singing bowls play a part in promoting better sleep?

When I play for sleep, what comes through is a slow and relaxing pattern of tones which is soothing and freeing. Reports from our High Frequency Soundbath have been stellar; I often hear people don’t make it to the end of the audio, they simply fall asleep. Why is this?

The the bowls for our Sleep series have a particularly calming effect on the body and mind. The slowing down of brainwave activity can affect a listener by going straight into a deep slumber.

When we calm our mind, it prepares the body to go into the cycle of healing and regeneration that occurs when our conscious mind turns off and we depart from the personality, motivation, all our drive. It is during this time we dream. With the frequencies of the Crystal Alchemy bowls played at a low volume during sleep a mysterious and wonderful process takes place. The body deeply relaxes and the mind is calm and any interference to good sleep is neutralized.

It is important to set an intention while drifting into sleep because we are impressionable in a unique way when we are asleep. I recommend visualizing a bubble of pink light surrounded by an impenetrable, thin silver shell. Within this bubble place a few things that you’d like to realize in your life. More money? New love? A better relationship with your partner or children, maybe your co-workers? Spend a few minutes imagining how that would feel. Then, from that feeling place, in your mind’s eye play a few scenes which would confirm your wish has come to pass. Then allow yourself to drift.

Your mind is powerful and it is up to you to be in charge of your reality. The singing bowls I play do not heal, but rather assist your body to return to its natural state of self-healing and self-regulation.

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