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preloaded .mp3 players

“I have a Sädé Journeys MP3 player pre-loaded with soundbaths and guided meditations recordings. Recently, I had to have oral surgery and I had anxiety about the process. I brought my MP3 player with me and I was able to escape to my happy place to get through the process as pleasantly as possible. Also, I have always struggled with sleeping through the night. I love that it is a different device other than my phone as I need to have my phone “sleep” in the kitchen, otherwise I would work too late and too early. I have been listening to them every night and my quality and longevity of sleep has never been better. My husband has even commented on how peacefully I have been sleeping. I sometimes listen to them in the AM with my coffee as a beautiful way to wake up and set intentions for the day. It's been a game changer. I also think this has really improved my subconscious mind and helps cultivate and manifest kind and happy thoughts of myself and others.” 

We’ll do it for you! Audios are preloaded onto the easy-to-use .mp3 player

SAVE and Create your own playlist! 

*Ships out quickly via Fed Ex

Why an MP3 Player and the COMEBACK?

Distinct Advantages of MP3 Players:

  • Distraction-FREE: You can drop in to relax and stay focused, without receiving any distracting notifications.
  • An immersive purposeful self-care experience, promoting a sense of tranquility and relaxation.
  • Free of worry with ZERO electromagnetic radiation being emitted from this type of device.
  • Focused Functionality: Designed exclusively for music playback, they provide a streamlined experience.*Aside from Sädé Journey audios, you can download other personal music onto this device. 
  • Offline Access: Storing music locally enables listening without internet, ideal for areas with weak signals or while traveling.
  • Ample Storage: With generous capacity, MP3 players accommodate vast music collections, catering to those who prefer all their music on hand.
  • Robust Build: Many models prioritize durability, enduring impacts and tough conditions, suitable for outdoor use.

Extended Battery: MP3 players generally outlast smartphones and Bluetooth devices in music playback, perfect for prolonged usage or travel.

*We do not accept returns for the preloaded .mp3 players. In the unlikely event you should receive a broken or defective unit, please contact us within 2 weeks of purchase and we will replace it. 

Soundbaths and Guided Meditations

Let us help you rewire your brain for more love, success, joy, satisfaction, wealth and more!

The science of sound

There is a wide range of research available concerning the applied use of sound in numerous disciplines.

Voice of the AUDIOS

Tracy Merriken, certified hypnotherapist and sound practitioner

Emerald Temple anointing oils

Exquisite small batch essential oils from scent alchemist, Diana DuBrow

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