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Frequently Asked Questions

In the simplest sense, the cells in your body have an electrical charge. A voltage if you will, and when that voltage gets too low, you get sick. 

This has been proven in many studies. In general, what PEMF does is recharge your cell’s batteries so that your cells have more energy to help heal yourself.

The other thing that it does is it increases adenosine triphosphate or ATP in the body. It’s the main fuel that your cells use for food and it’s been shown that PEMF can increase ATP up to 500%

So, it recharges your cells and gives them more food so the body can heal itself.

The instructions for the VIBE are on the blue card that came with the device packaging.

The URL is Resona.News/VIBE

Also you can scan the small Green QR code on the back of the device.

All Resona Health products are low-risk general wellness devices. We do NOT treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease nor do we make ANY claims in this manner.

Any current medications, therapies, or treatments SHOULD NOT be discontinued during the use of any of our products. Consult with your doctor before you make any changes.

The following general contraindications taken from Dr Pawluk apply to Resona Products as well.

The only absolute contraindication for use of a PEMF device is placing an active applicator over implanted electrical devices like pacemakers, cochlear implants, intrathecal pumps, etc., because the magnetic field can shut the device off or otherwise interfere with its function.

PEMFs are contraindicated in organ transplant patients. This is because these people are on immune suppression medications to prevent organ rejection. We do not want to risk adversely affecting the immune suppression/rejection process. There is a chance that PEMFs may actually stimulate or activate a more aggressive rejection process by stimulating the immune system.

Safety of PEMFs has not been established in pregnancy, although there is no evidence of harm. Most manufacturers warn against the use of their device during pregnancy.

PEMF Machines Risk does occur in Grave’s disease or in the case of active bleeding. Please exercise caution and your best judgment while using a PEMF device if impacted by one of these conditions.

The VIBE comes with 59 core protocols that are listed here, with a short explanation of those 59 protocols.

The original frequencies came from a very simple list on an old machine that was discovered back in the early 1990s. Since then, 8000 practitioners over 35 years have experimented with those frequencies in a clinical environment.

It uses frequency pairs and those frequency pairs you can think of as ingredients and the protocols as recipes. So, where the protocols come from was trial and error from all those different doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc. just experimenting with real patients trying to find the right combinations of frequencies that gave the best results.

Those are the protocols that Resona Health uses in all its products.

There are a number of ways to know the VIBE is working.

Number one is the frequency bars on the screen show that the protocol is running. Please note that the screen will go into sleep mode after 15 seconds to save battery power but the protocol is still running.

A second way you know it’s working is the device will get warm up to 105°F so you will feel it. A 3rd way is you can also use a free magnetometer app and measure the actual strength of the magnetic field yourself.



There are lots of PEMF devices out there. Most people who have heard of the technology will be familiar with a mat and there are several brands out there. One of them that’s the most common is the Bemer mat.

Forget the Mat. The VIBE is 25 times less expensive, 125 times smaller, 8 times stronger, and one piece not 7. The World’s only pocket PEMF therapy device.

PEMF mats were an awesome invention in their day. They have provided relief for millions of people around the world. But time moves on and so does technology.

PEMF mat technology is over 35 years old, and the modern replacement is called VIBE. It is a single stand-alone device that is ridiculously easy to use. You select one of the 59 protocols, click play, and put it in your pocket or wear it around your neck with lanyard. Or place it anywhere against your body.

It’s “therapy on-the-go” from Resona Health. 

Faster, better, less to money to spend for better results.

The majority of the VIBE protocols use a series of frequency pairs. If you think of the frequency pairs as cords on a guitar, then the protocols would be a song that has 20 to 50 different chords and each protocol is completely different.

So the vibe does not use in most cases a simple frequency or frequency sweep. It uses proprietary copyrighted protocols that range from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. All of the frequencies are super low energy between 1 and 1000 Hertz.

The average length of a protocol is about 40 minutes with the shortest being 30 minutes and the longest a little over 2 1/2 hours. Each protocol is completely different. 

When you’re running the protocol, you must complete the entire protocol to get the maximum effect because it’s not operating on a single frequency. You must go through the entire protocol or recipe to get the benefit. You can pause the protocol at anytime and restart it later, but you must complete the entire protocol.

For example, sleep is 46 minutes long; if you only run it for 10 minutes that is not sufficient. You’ll need to run it for its entire duration.

The Gauss level of the VIBE is a maximum of nine Gauss. 

Technical Details:

Maximum Magnetic field: 900 uT or 9 Gauss

Dimensions: 120 × 59 × 12 mm

Weight: 75 g (2.6 oz.)

Battery: built-in rechargeable battery with 4 hours working time at maximum power and 8 hours at 50% power.

In the Box:

VIBE Device

USB-C charging cord


Instruction card

No. The VIBE is not programmable and you cannot select a specific frequency. It was designed to be ridiculously simple to use where you just simply select the protocol, hit play, and put it in your pocket. 

Resona Health (TM) intentionally did not allow it to be programmed to reduce the complexity.

The VIBE has 59 protocols (listed alphabetically) among which is one specific for prostate.

For Erectile Dysfunction or ED we suggest the Brain Wave Theta from the brain wave expansion protocols.

No the VIBE cannot treat or cure cancer. The VIBE operates at an extremely low energy range, 1 to 1000 Hertz and you need much higher energy to kill a cancer cell. 

However, if you or a loved one has experienced cancer, the VIBE can provide all kinds of relief for post-radiation inflammation and pain, depression, anxiety, sleep, and many other “side effects” of cancer.

No it cannot help with parasites, similar to why it can not help with cancer. The energy is not high enough to kill parasites, however the immune support protocol would be a good idea.

The number one reason the VIBE won’t work for you is that you don’t use it often enough. You need to use it a minimum of three to four times a week or more. 

The second reason is you need to be hydrated. It still works if you’re not hydrated but not nearly as well. By hydrating, we mean consuming four 8-ounce glasses of water in the preceding 4 hours before treatment. It’s really not a lot of water and you should be drinking that much every day for general health anyway.

Another reason is it may not work is if you inadvertently turn the power level too low. The power level ranges from 1 to 10 and most people, 95% or so, will run it at the full power 10 unless your energy sensitive. 

We’ve had a few customers who reported it not working, yet after investigation it was discovered that they turned it down to zero or one or something very low.

So, make sure the power level is at 10, and turn it down a bit if you feel you need to (see instructional video at the top of the page for how to increase the power level)

One last common mistake is that you’re using the wrong protocol for your ailment. Which in most cases means you’re self-diagnosing because you’re the one that selects the protocol.

If you get it wet, it is not waterproof. The wavy holes on the back of the device are air vents for the coils. So if water gets inside of it please do not use rice.

Instead, use a blow dryer as quickly as possible and dry it completely; then the device should be fine. It is important that it be dried immediately or the circuitry will corrode. 

Yes, it’s OK to run several protocols in a day. But pay attention to your body and what it’s telling you. You can overdo it and it can make you tired because of it.

Because your body needs time to process the energy and repair itself. So just be keen to whether it’s making you too sluggish or tired and then cut back on the number of protocols or number of sessions in a day.

In general, we don’t recommend doing more than one or two sessions a day but everyone is different and we have customers doing it 7 to 8 times a day or more.

No it does not need to touch your skin to be effective. It can be on the outside of your clothes. The only precaution is really thick jackets or thick clothing material because the magnetic field does drop off quickly with distance. Keep it close to your body and have the back of the device towards your body and the front facing away from you.

Yes for over 95% of people, the power level should be at 10. Always start at ten unless you are energy-sensitive and you feel like it needs to be at a lower setting. Then step down to power levels 8, 7 or 6 and see how that feels.

Yes. Hip replacements, knee replacements, dental work and all fine. The only contraindication is pacemakers, insulin pumps or any implant that contains electronics.

No. Please do not use the VIBE with a pacemaker because it could interfere with the electronics.

There is no age restriction for using the Resona. Children of all ages can use it as well as the elderly.

No, for the most part the VIBE does not make any noise as it has no speaker. It generates a PEMF magnetic field that is inaudible.

However, if it’s extremely quiet in the room and you put the coils against your ear, you may hear a very slight buzzing sound, but only if you have excellent hearing.

Each protocol is different. They run times are from 30 minutes to little over 2 1/2 hours and it’s very important that you run the entire protocol. You will not get the full effect if you don’t complete it. You can pause it, but please come back and complete the entire protocol session for it to be effective.

There is a manufacturer’s one-year warranty on the device.

Yes when a protocol is running the vibe should get warm up to 105°F which is perfectly normal. 105 Fahrenheit is what reasonably hot water would feel like on the inside of your wrist.



Introduction to Resonance Frequency Therapy and PEMF

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy


Over 600 studies on PEMF


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OSKA PEMF Clinical Study for Pain

Our favorite book explaining FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent): The Resonance Effect by Caroline McMakin

Fourth Phase of Water 


PUBLISHED PAPERS . . . Click and Read

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