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This .mp3 player is preloaded with our Enhance Your Energy Series for use with scalar technology in the Energy Wave Center.

The audios preloaded onto the .mp3 player are the following soundbaths: Bathed In Bliss ~ Slow Wave Style, Healing to Wholeness Pain Release and Sleep Easy and the Guided Meditative Journeys: Wonder of the Woods (for overnight sessions) and the Great Abundance.

This device is specially priced for members at $175 and the value if all audios were sold separately is $485


the resona vibe portable pemf device

The science of sound

There is a wide range of research available concerning the applied use of sound in numerous disciplines.

Voice of the AUDIOS

Tracy Merriken, certified hypnotherapist and sound practitioner

Emerald Temple anointing oils

Exquisite small batch essential oils from scent alchemist, Diana DuBrow

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