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Power of a Smile Guided Journey for Children

When we smile it can result in an instant change of perspective. Our smile releases chemicals that can uplift and calm. This shorter meditation for children can be their time to explore using their powerful creative imagination to bring happiness and fun.

This intentional practice is to increase more joy to your child’s heart. We want them to feel delight. This can manifest in various ways, such as smiling. They will experience a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, or contentment.

Smiling can bring about a wide range of experiences and feelings such as meeting personal achievements and increasing social connections. Feelings of gratitude come about leading to a sense of joy. Smiling and feeling added joy leads to increased acts of kindness that just naturally comes forth. Surprises and unexpected moments come from smiling more often: Pleasant surprises or unexpected moments of happiness can create a rush of joy. This is what all children deserve, and what will stay with them as they grow and learn.


the resona vibe portable pemf device

The science of sound

There is a wide range of research available concerning the applied use of sound in numerous disciplines.

Voice of the AUDIOS

Tracy Merriken, certified hypnotherapist and sound practitioner

Emerald Temple anointing oils

Exquisite small batch essential oils from scent alchemist, Diana DuBrow

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