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Heartspace Bundle

This bundle contains the Heartspace guided journey and the Awaken the Heartspace high-frequency soundbath.

The adventure of a guided journey combined with the high frequency soundbath is an opportunity to increase the skills of visualizing. Use the soundbath to reimagine the events in the guided meditation and revisit the places you’ve been – seeing them clearly and feeling what it is like to be there.

When we consciously invite positive emotions to flow throughout our every moment we begin to see a change in our circumstances. Our lives are shaped by the thoughts we hold and the feelings we cultivate. With this, we can build a beautiful future, one breath and one thought at a time.

When we practice the skill of dismissing thoughts that don’t feel good or add to our lives while at the same time choosing the thoughts which lead to peace, joy and security, we become sovereign souls, traveling an inspired path of self love, self respect and self ownership.

At Sädé Journeys we believe LOVE is the answer. We make YOU the star of our audios that you might realize your immense potential and understand that you are quite capable of achieving all that you desire.


the resona vibe portable pemf device

The science of sound

There is a wide range of research available concerning the applied use of sound in numerous disciplines.

Voice of the AUDIOS

Tracy Merriken, certified hypnotherapist and sound practitioner

Emerald Temple anointing oils

Exquisite small batch essential oils from scent alchemist, Diana DuBrow

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