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Care and Love for Pets Soundbath

We have noticed animals being drawn to the singing bowls as they are played. Such observations inspired this special audio offering. This soundbath can be looped while pet parents are away, or played for your pets whenever a little calm and grounding seem needed.


Play this audio near your pet’s favorite sleeping or napping spot. If you are leaving a pet with separation anxiety, play this audio on loop if possible. Only play this audio at a low volume as pets often have more sensitive hearing than humans.


the resona vibe portable pemf device

The science of sound

There is a wide range of research available concerning the applied use of sound in numerous disciplines.

Voice of the AUDIOS

Tracy Merriken, certified hypnotherapist and sound practitioner

Emerald Temple anointing oils

Exquisite small batch essential oils from scent alchemist, Diana DuBrow

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