Teen Series

Sädé Journeys takes teens on guided journeys with scripts that promote emotional and mental stability. In our meditations, self empowerment, forgiveness, hope, and an increase in joy can all be found.

These guided meditations remind them of the importance of using their imaginations. When a teen opens up to their own innate creative abilities, they rediscover ways to manifest what they desire in life while healing the wounds, hurts, or trauma they may have accumulated. Our approach teaches them a new type of practice that is enjoyable and fun.

Crystal Alchemy singing bowls induce a state of relaxation and reduce stress, manifesting in lower cortisol levels. Focusing on the sound vibrations of the singing bowls can help teens enter a meditative state more easily and deepen their meditation experience, leading to increased mindfulness. The various tones of the bowls can resonate with different emotions, allowing the sounds to facilitate emotional release, healing, or mood enhancement.

We believe teens are ready to reevaluate where they spend their energy, making healthy changes in service of feeling better. Many agree that the overwhelming presence of digital social media is robbing our teens of their creative imagination faculty. Our guided meditations give them the freedom to explore their inner greatness safely while igniting their purpose.

Sädé Journeys is dedicated to supporting teens on their journey from from living life on autopilot to taking a leadership role in their own life. Our words direct teens to understand the importance of self-care, self-love, and self-ownership. The direct positive messages and sound frequencies heard and felt in the meditations strengthen their innate abilities to create, feel empowered, and focus and concentrate better while relaxing their nervous system.

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