Child's Series

Our goal at Sädé Journeys is to offer a safe place for children to reconnect to feelings that bring peace and relaxation, while at the same time igniting and empowering their imaginations. We strive to create a world in which all children can feel safe, supported, and mentally balanced and develop a solid foundation of self-confidence to lead them through their development.

Children need to take breaks from their busy routines of school and scheduled activities to have respite and time for themselves; otherwise, they can become overwhelmed. Our audios offer a healthy refuge from the challenges and pressure children face, giving them a daily opportunity to revitalize, reconnect, and renew. The Crystal Alchemy singing bowls that play throughout the audios help the emotional being to achieve a state of relaxation and calm. Parents, too, will find that these short listening sessions create a welcome break, offering them time to relax as well.

The imaginative journeys, which are combined with the singing bowls and peppered with sounds of nature such as ocean waves and birdsong, bring a sense of calm and soothe the child’s nervous system. Feelings of anxiety, stress, and hyperactivity ebb away. At the same time, the child’s connection with their own innate abilities to create, focus, and re-center gets stronger and more integrated into all aspects of their behavior. Best of all, they discover that this new type of mindfulness practice is enjoyable and fun.

Sädé Journeys audios have been carefully crafted to help young ones maintain emotional stability even as they may be experiencing uncertainty and fear or facing times of crisis. They are supported and reminded of how special they truly are. Each audio we create shares messages of self-worth, personal responsibility, and self-understanding.

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