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I listened to the audio Wonder in the Woods during my two hour session at Energy Wave Center the last three times I went. The Journey Tracy takes you on is amazing and so relaxing.
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“As soon as I saw the email about Sade Journeys, I knew it was going to be fantastic. I have known Tracy and have been a client for years. Her sound bowl therapy and essential oil massage have been a staple to my self-help. This audio is now literally a cherry on the sundae. Truly a grounding experience. At times I am so caught up in the world and it twirls me so much I feel like I can’t “ground” myself. Listening to these at rest time and anytime are extremely helpful to participation in more mindfulness practices. Her voice, the choices in cadence are so subtle but also they guide and inspire awakening inside.”
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“Sade Journeys recordings are incredible. I feel like I am having a live session. I get so much every time I listen to one of the recordings whether it is healing and reducing the aches and pains, getting a good night's rest , or overall well-being and clarity, they are truly amazing.”
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“Once I placed the headphones on my head I was transported into relaxation and repose. I felt like Tracy was playing her Crystal Alchemy bowls in the room. The sound quality matched her life playing which I have been able to enjoy. Listening to the sound journey in one of the overnight sessions at the Energy Wave Center took me deep into myself to completely let go of thinking and to being present for noticing how the sound affected me in a deep way and allowed me to drift into a restful sleep. Thank you, for making this available to us!”
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“I find the sound bath recordings soothing and centering. A nurturing break in the day.”
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“I have always struggled with staying asleep all night. I have an MP3 player that was pre- loaded with soundbaths and guided meditations recordings. I loved that it was a different device other than my phone as I need to have my phone “sleep” in the kitchen, otherwise I would work too late and too early. I have been listening to them every night and my quality and longevity of sleep has never been better. My husband has even committed to how peaceful I have been sleeping. I sometimes listen to them in the AM with my coffee as a beautiful way to wake up and set intentions for the day. It's been a game changer. Recently, I had to have oral surgery and I had anxiety about the process. I brought my MP3 player with me and I was able to escape to my happy place to get through the process as pleasantly as possible. I also think this has really improved my subconscious mind and helps cultivate and manifest kind and happy thoughts of myself and others.”
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“Over many years, my main ‘sleep issue’ has been not being able to get to sleep soon after turning the light off. Often, I’d lay awake for hours and, of course, would be exceptionally tired during the day. I had tried many different sleep apps and audios, and a few of them were relatively effective, but would only work for a few days, or a week at most. Then, in January 2023, I tried Tracy Merriken’s ‘Blissful Sleep’ audio, and it worked the first night… and every night the first month, and except for only 4-5 nights, has quite literally worked every night for the past 10 months! [Most often I fall asleep long before the end.] I have no idea whether it’s her pleasing voice and guided imagery, or the sound bowls, or both… just doesn’t matter! With certainty, when the light goes off tonight, I’ll be clicking Blissful Sleep on!” I also think this has really improved my subconscious mind and helps cultivate and manifest kind and happy thoughts of myself and others.”
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“I absolutely adore my Sade Journeys mp3 player. It's my go-to for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Tracy's guided meditations are incredibly calming. This device has greatly enhanced my overall well-being.”
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“My singing bowl session with Tracy was such a relaxing and restorative experience. Tracy is a talented healer who helps bring your body’s energy into balance by playing soothing tones. She intuitively selects the bowls with specific vibrations which help to move stuck energy. The session felt like a deep meditation and spa treatment wrapped into one. My body and nervous system, along with my mind and thoughts were calmed and soothed - a transformative experience”.
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“My husband and I had a profound sense of healing and communion during and after the soundbath led by Tracy. In sort of a 'synchronization' of our individual energetic fields, we both felt energy flowing through our bodies and between our bodies; both of us experienced micro-adjustments in our backs and hips through gentle rocking. Post-sound bath, we were in absolute awe when we realized we'd chosen the exact same spot on the planet during the guided visualization and meditation portion of the sound healing. Both of us had our beloved animals with us, as well. Not only were we in each other's auras on the physical plane, laying side by side, but in the imaginal realm as well. I highly recommend this experience for couples, or anyone seeking to cleanse/clear, and/or upgrade to higher energetic and light frequencies. It's a powerful and beautiful way to relax, receive healing, and find more harmony and connection through sonic resonance.”
Maciej Plich
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“Tracy Merriken from Sade Journeys has been conducting extraordinary monthly soundbaths for our community at SOMO Cowork. Her dedication and passion shine through in every session, as she creates a transformative experience through carefully prepared sound arrangements. Tracy's compassion and care for participants' well-being create a safe and nurturing space where the healing power of sound can be fully embraced. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracy for anyone seeking a remarkable soundbath experience. Her genuine care, talent, and dedication is evident in every aspect of her work, making her soundbaths a cherished and transformative part of our community.”
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“I heard about Tracy's work as a sound practitioner helping First Responders with sleep and managing their stress levels. She understands the importance of acknowledging and feeling held in our own trauma as First Responders because we can have very difficult calls that can affect us in various ways emotionally and physically. I am a firefighter/EMT that works 48 hour shifts and most of the time runs on very little sleep while I am at work. I used to always struggle going to sleep after getting off a shift even though I was so exhausted. I also have ADHD and have a hard time sitting still and calming down even when I'm off work and well rested. In my individual session I had with Tracy I appreciated her guiding me right from the start with some breath work, while shifting my mindset intentionally to a few personal things I wanted to focus on. I felt Tracy offered a safe space for me to fully let go. I have enjoyed using specific Sädé Journey audios at home, like "Blissful Sleep" and "Balance of Care", a guided meditation created specifically for First Responders. I listen to them when needing to find added peace and calm in my life. My sleep schedule has improved dramatically along with my mental and overall well being. Thank you so much Tracy you are the best!!”
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“Tracy welcomes you with a variety of sweet smelling essential oil’s to choose from to start the session. I received a soft pillow and warm blanket and it became really easy to relax and float away. The sound and melody of the crystal singing bowls resonates with you on many levels! Tracy is an outstanding host and guide for these sessions and you’ll have a truly memorable experience.”
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“The sound baths have been life changing for me. Tracy has a way of connecting with her clientele and knows intuitively exactly what a person needs. The sound baths are relaxing and have helped me release so much past hurts and pain.I feel like I have a better connection with my inner self and a better understanding of all my ancestors that came before me. I find the sound baths very freeing and grounding. It is an incredible journey to experience.”
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“I have been bringing you to bed with me every night and haven’t slept this great in a while with no medication. You’re always so grounding. Your voice is soooo calming! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing that with me. It’s been probably 8 yrs since I slept without medication so that’s really huge for me!!!!! 😘❤️😴💤”
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“I had never experienced sound bowls until I did on a beautiful Sonoma County fall morning outside, overlooking Bennett Valley. The mats, blankets, pillows, and special touches were waiting for us, and various beautiful bowls were set out as we walked out. A feeling of happiness and peace was present immediately. I describe the session as a massage for my brain and soul. The frequencies were felt throughout my brain in different ways and took me to a place where I felt inner healing and hope, harmony and happiness. Tracy knew just what to say and do, and before I knew it the hour-long session was over. We took our time sitting up and then shared what we wished about what the sound bowls did for us. I left the session feeling hopeful and grateful. I have been back three times and can't wait to go again. I recommend this for anyone needing a serious “brain massage” in my own words! You won't soon forget how you felt during the sound bath.”
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“After several live soundbaths with Tracy I feel that each one was a plus and improved some aspect of my health—physical, emotional or spiritual. I’m glad I found her at this point in life, age 88. After listening to her audios, I find them soothing and centering. A nurturing break in the day.”
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“I have had the opportunity to receive and experience Tracy’s healing heart and skill with the alchemy crystal sound bowls. They have helped me stay present through some recent, concentrated and trying times of personal health and family deaths.”

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