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“My husband and I had a profound sense of healing and communion during and after the soundbath led by Tracy. In sort of a 'synchronization' of our individual energetic fields, we both felt energy flowing through our bodies and between our bodies; both of us experienced micro-adjustments in our backs and hips through gentle rocking.  Post-sound bath, we were in absolute awe when we realized we'd chosen the exact same spot on the planet during the guided visualization and meditation portion of the sound healing. Both of us had our beloved animals with us, as well. Not only were we in each other's auras on the physical plane, laying side by side, but in the imaginal realm as well.  I highly recommend this experience for couples, or anyone seeking to cleanse/clear, and/or upgrade to higher energetic and light frequencies. It's a powerful and beautiful way to relax, receive healing, and find more harmony and connection through sonic resonance.”

The audios in Sädé Journeys’ Heartspace series create room for love and light in the sacred space of the heart. The practice of cultivating feelings of love involves utilizing visualization and affirmations to extend heartfelt intentions towards one self and others. This intentional focus on love, compassion, and kindness has been shown to diminish feelings of anger and sadness while promoting qualities of patience and fostering a greater ability to forgive.

By actively engaging in the practice of listening to sound and using the imagination, you can enhance your ability to empathize, nurture harmonious relationships, and cultivate a greater sense of inner peace.  Love is at the heart of the matter–allow it to heal you. 

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Tracy Merriken, certified hypnotherapist and sound practitioner

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