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In our quest to connect with our inner energy and unlock our true power, we often seek practices that can help us tap into higher frequencies and experience profound transformations. One such technique is the “God Spark Breathing Technique,” a powerful method allowing us to focus on our heart center and cultivate a deep sense of love and connection with the divine. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of this breathing technique and the potential it holds for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

The Essence of the God Spark Breathing Technique:
The God Spark Breathing Technique is not about the mechanics of filling our lungs or diaphragm; instead, this technique revolves around directing our attention and intention towards our heart chakra first, our heart center and crown chakra. By releasing control of the mind and letting go of thoughts, we create the space for pure love to flow through us. The simplicity lies in offering our breath the gift of our love, allowing it to flow naturally and effortlessly in alignment with the universe’s rhythm.

The Journey of Love and Connection:
As we embark on this practice, our primary intention is to give love to the divine source and receive love from it. This innocent and straightforward intention becomes the driving force of our breathwork. We let go of expectations and surrender to the energy within and around us. With each inhalation, we draw in our personal love into our heart center, and after a brief pause, we exhale this love upwards and outwards through our crown, expanding our energy into higher dimensions.

The Power of Intention and Frequency:
By incorporating the God Spark Breathing Technique into our daily routine, we establish a powerful energetic signal in the universe. By consciously sending out love and connecting with the source, we magnetize the frequency of love back into our lives, influencing our experiences and reality. This technique aligns with the Flower of Life Law, the law of manifestation in the 3rd Dimension, amplifying our intentions and setting the stage for profound transformation into the 5th Dimension when and if we choose to.

The Evolutionary Path:
As we continue to practice this sacred breathwork, we may encounter remarkable shifts and expansions. The burst of divine love experienced during the practice becomes a catalyst for further exploration and evolution. We can experiment with directing this energy to different parts of our body, offering healing and warmth where needed. We can push this love beyond our physical form, expanding it into our immediate energy field, and eventually extending it to the outside world. The possibilities are infinite, and we are free to explore our own unique path with this divine energy.

The Torsion Field at work:
The Torsion Filed is 

Benefits and Beyond:
Engaging in the God Spark Breathing Technique not only enables us to connect with the boundless love of the divine but also equips us with tools to navigate challenging times. By disengaging from our overactive minds and attuning to our heart’s wisdom, we can find solace, balance, and a deep sense of connection. Additionally, this practice opens doors for merging with other living creations, such as trees or animals, facilitating profound experiences of oneness and expanding our understanding of the world around us.

A Gateway to Exploring Ourselves:
The God Spark Breathing Technique offers a gateway to exploring our own energy, power, and connection with the divine. By embracing the frequency of love and surrendering to the natural flow of the universe, we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution which don’t involve any negative side effects, feelings of anxiety or disruption to the nervous system which can occur while exploring other avenues to tap into one’s energy source. ? As we cultivate this practice, we tap into the infinite potential within us, becoming energy masters in our own right. So take a breath, connect with your heart, and allow the divine love to guide you on this remarkable path of awakening.

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In this practice, we explore the transformative power of the “God Spark Breathing Technique.” Instead of focusing on the mechanics of breathing, we will concentrate on our heart chakra, the center of love and intention. By releasing control of the mind and embracing pure love, we invite the energy to flow effortlessly, harmonizing with the universe. Through this journey, we will connect with the divine, experience profound love, and unlock new dimensions of personal and spiritual growth.

Step 1: Setting the Intention

The core intention of this technique is to give and receive love from the source. By letting go of expectations and simply breathing in the love we hold for our loved ones, we allow our bodies to naturally function without conscious effort. It’s important to remember that we are not focusing on our lungs but directing our attention to the heart center.

Step 2: The Sacred Breath

  1. With each inhale, imagine drawing in your own personal love into your heart center. 
  2. Pause for 3-4 seconds, maintaining a state of awareness without thoughts or expectations. During this pause, experience the stillness and calmness within you. 
  3. Exhale, release this love, pushing it upward and outward through your heart center and crown. As you do this, envision your energy ascending to higher dimensions and planes of existence.

Step 3: Recap and Practice

Repeat the sacred breath 3-4 times in each session, twice a day. The purpose of this practice is to establish a connection with the source and allow yourself to feel the presence of divine love in your heart. By dedicating time to send love to the source, you create an energetic signal that magnetizes the same frequency of love back into your life and reality.

Step 4: Alchemy of Love

As you continue this practice, you will notice an evolution in your experience. After approximately two weeks, while performing the in-breath and bringing love into your high heart space, you will experience an extraordinary energetic burst. It will be an intense and unparalleled feeling of love, expanding like a starburst. This burst signifies a breakthrough, and from that point onward, you will consistently feel this expansive love without the need for further practice.

Step 5: Further Exploration

Once you have established a connection with divine love, you can explore various ways to harness and expand this energy. Experiment with pushing this love into different body parts to generate warmth or alleviate pain. Extend your intention to infuse the layers of your skin and expand your energy field. You can even direct this energy outward, connecting with the world around you, such as trees, the sun, or the earth. This practice allows for infinite possibilities and offers an opportunity to become an energy master, merging with living creations and accessing ancient knowledge.

In conclusion, The God Spark Breathing Technique opens the gateway to profound love and spiritual growth. Through the sacred breath, we ignite the divine spark within us and connect with the source of all love. With time and dedication, this practice expands our awareness, heals our being, and empowers us to co-create with the universe. Embrace this journey and discover the limitless potential of divine love within you.

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