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Compound Trauma: What it is and How it Can Be Addressed with Sound

The Body Wants to Heal

We often encounter times when we feel depleted or like we’re missing energy that we once had. As we move through life, we all experience difficulties, challenges, and even trauma. Just as the body is self-healing and self-regulating, so are the mind and the emotional being. We seek equilibrium and to feel better after we experience pain, whether it is physical or emotional.

A new field of understanding that has existed for centuries is now emerging more formally. It is a model of the human psyche where the core energy of an individual becomes separated from the whole being in an effort to cope with trauma. This paradigm is the basis of the ancient shamanic practice of “Soul Retrieval.” During a soul retrieval, an individual relaxes while listening to rhythmic drumming, allowing the shaman to travel into the invisible realms and retrieve the parts of the soul that have become lost. The modern analog is the mind alignment process (MAP) originally developed by Dr. Gary Flint. This process identifies parts of the personality that were fractured during traumatic events and brings them “home”— back to the essence of the individual. 

Dealing with Compound Trauma

This brings us to the subject of this article: “Compound Trauma.” Compound trauma is the layering of multiple traumas an individual has experienced. The multiplying effect of these traumas increases the tension, unhappiness, and sense of powerlessness the person experiences. This difficult emotional state may be may be expressed as the person feeling like they are tied up in multiple knots. They want to resolve their deep and constant pain, but it is difficult to even reach the root, and when the pain is accessed, the original wound is dense, remote, and buried under layers of fear of change.

Once a child—or an adult with an inner child—learns that they are susceptible to trauma and emotional damage, they often believe this is what they deserve. Remember, emotions aren’t rational. Everyone is doing their best to make sense of this world, and when one witnesses their own pain, it is somehow easy to blame oneself. That process of blame makes a person vulnerable to similar occurrences, as they are “vibrating” on those frequencies. Patterns are created and reinforced by this dynamic. For example, a victim of domestic violence seemingly inexplicably finds herself in those damaging situations again and again. The cycle is very difficult to break. The pattern of frequency and vibration is strongly cemented by a negative self-perception.

If you are reading this article and this reminds you of your life, please know that you matter. Your healing matters. It is why we are here, and we believe in you. You can change your life and become a person who would never allow anyone to hurt you. Furthermore, you can become a person who operates so far out of the realm of harmful people that you no longer register on their radar.

All this and more is why we at Sädé Journeys feel so blessed and grateful to be able to share our powerful gifts: the Crystal Alchemy singing bowls, storytelling, and the love and hope for humanity that lives in our hearts.

Vibration Neutralizes Traumatic Harm

Everything vibrates, and does so at a certain frequency. Traumas—especially multiple, compounded traumas—possess a specific frequency and a vibration. Crystal Alchemy singing bowls can actually access those traumas and teach them to resolve and unwind. Not with words, but with potent and powerful vibration. It is a force beyond logic, existing in a realm beyond language.

As a sound treatment practitioner, I have seen results I never expected. Participants in my sound baths have reported profound resolution, healing, understanding, and transmutation of both physical and emotional pain. My heart never fails to be deeply touched by these testimonials. It means so much to be able to play these bowls, lighting a path for the soul to find its own way and for the spirit to connect with.

When I ask myself how this happens, what I come to is the notion that particular frequencies work within the amorphous space of our emotional and mental energies to help them do what humans are built to do: self-heal and self-regulate. As I stated at the beginning of this article, we seek equilibrium and balance; when we carry the enormous pain of compound trauma we are out of the natural order. Humans are built for happiness; happiness is our birthright, and when each of us tends to our own well-being, we heal the entire planet together.

Guided Meditations for Healing

Sädé Journeys audios take the listener on a journey where they can take the time to meet their pain and lovingly, carefully, begin to build a new understanding of an integrated self. The use of deep, healing breathwork and the potent vibrational frequencies of the singing bowls that play throughout the guided meditation, combined with the travels of the imagination, can bring lasting change. The meditations do not heal you; rather, they give you access to tools that will empower you to heal. When that happens, true self-confidence and self-knowledge emerge, bringing unification of mind and body.

Hope, healing, abundance, and joy can be yours. Our mission is to help you meet your most powerful self and spend the rest of your life embracing the amazing wonder of who you are: a unique creation with priceless gifts to offer. You are here for a reason, and with love you will discover the truth: You carry the divine Light inside your soul, and you are worthy of deep and abiding happiness.

Soundbaths and Guided Meditations

Our goal at Sädé Journeys is to offer a space to reconnect with feelings of peace and relaxation while at the same time igniting and empowering the imagination.

The science of sound

There is a wide range of research available concerning the applied use of sound in numerous disciplines.

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