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"Over many years, my main ‘sleep issue’ has been not being able to get to sleep soon after turning the light off. Often, I’d lay awake for hours and, of course, would be exceptionally tired during the day. I had tried many different sleep apps and audios, and a few of them were relatively effective, but would only work for a few days, or a week at most. Then, in January 2023, I tried Tracy Merriken’s “Blissful Sleep” audio, and it worked the first night… and every night the first month, and except for only 4-5 nights, has quite literally worked every night for the past 10 months! [Most often I fall asleep long before the end.] I have no idea whether it’s her pleasing voice and guided imagery, or the sound bowls, or both… just doesn’t matter! With certainty, when the light goes off tonight, I’ll be clicking Blissful Sleep on!"

Despite the well-established advantages of a proper night’s rest, in today’s fast-paced and busy world, sleep tends to be neglected in favor of packed schedules and constant digital engagement. But it remains a crucial cornerstone of overall wellness, playing a vital role in our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our bodies are naturally inclined to rest and rejuvenate, and achieving quality sleep enhances our alertness, mood, focus, and overall sense of calm. You can enhance the caliber of your sleep through our guided meditations featuring the soothing sounds of crystal alchemy singing bowls. 

Sädé Journeys audios incorporate pure acoustic frequencies and sound. They produce a gentle, unhurried sequence of tones that induce relaxation and a sense of liberation. The specific bowls selected for the Sleep series instill comfort and tranquility in both the body and mind. Their unique effect of slowing down brainwave activity is a key mechanism facilitating a seamless transition into deep slumber. Calming and relaxing the mind sets the stage for the body to enter the regenerative cycle that unfolds when the conscious mind temporarily disengages, allowing for disengagement from our personality, motivations, and ambitions. When Crystal Alchemy bowls with specific frequencies are played at a subdued volume during sleep, a mysterious and delightful process unfolds. The body enters a state of profound relaxation, the mind becomes tranquil, and any disruptions to restful sleep are mitigated. 

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