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reset series

The Reset collection of audios was created to provide a deep and transformative experience with a shorter time commitment. They are aimed at transmuting old beliefs and clearing out past patterning. Rewire and retrain your brain and heart while feeling and hearing dynamic sound frequencies. These natural vibrations are not synthetic or computer-generated. They are the frequencies of pure source energy coming through!

Reset to Focus and Concentrate: Sustaining attention and resisting distractions uses up cognitive resources, whether you are an adult, teen, or child. We all need to replenish periodically to regain focus. Working on this area within the brain and nervous system makes retaining information easier and problem-solving more efficient. In these audios, the sound vibrations of the singing bowls can help you enter a focused state more easily and deepen your meditative experience, leading to positive states of consciousness and increased focus and mindfulness. 

Reset to Relax: It is essential to let go and release unnecessary stress. Stress causes physical and mental harm, threatening the health and strength of your overall well-being. The sound vibrations of the singing bowls can rewire and retrain the brain to create new pathways. These audios work with your brain and nervous system to escape the fight-or-flight pattern that often results from stress. Open the door to greater peace and centeredness, as well as a deeper meditation experience that can lead to altered states of consciousness that invite in added healing. 

Reset to Create: We all have the innate ability to create. When you open up to this ability and foster your capacity for creation, things shift dramatically for the better. These audios let you expand your sense of time, experience a feeling of freedom, find stress relief, and feel a sense of pride as you create something special that is deep within you, ready to be shared.

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Tracy Merriken, certified hypnotherapist and sound practitioner

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