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 about us

The energy of creation is the birthright of all humans.  It can illuminate the path of inner change and personal evolution.  Through our audios, we offer an invitation to enter a sacred space where discovery is accompanied by clarity and wisdom.

Our meditative guided journeys are written with a unique storyline to strengthen the imagination and ability to visualize. Importantly, they are also designed to aid and increase self confidence, self ownership and self respect. Our soundbaths open the body to receive healing where needed.

Our audios offer a deeply relaxing experience to our listeners by:

  • Decreasing stress and aligning the nervous system for all children, teens, and adults while bringing them to a refreshed state of self empowerment.
  • Offering healing journeys that strengthen confidence, focus, esteem and ability to trust.
  • Sharing imaginative adventures which include the Alchemy Crystal Sound Bowls’ grounding and calming frequencies.
  • Providing a guided path to those with trauma where they can let go and allow past wounds to resolve.
  • Supporting healing shifts to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.
  • Helping old patterns and beliefs to melt away, and then new patterns and beliefs begin to form . . . inviting in more joy, laughter and love .
  • Trusting the Divine Light to lead the way!

Sädé Journeys is the result of a collaboration between two women who decided to pool their talents and abilities to create something that was on their hearts.

Co-founder Tracy Merriken: “I met Sylvia when I was referred to her for digital content and website upkeep for my other business.  She did solid work, and as we got to know each other better it became apparent that we would be great business partners.  My passion of playing the crystal singing bowls was something I could extend to the world in a larger way due to her abilities as an audio engineer, which meant that I could have high quality, fully produced audio tracks. 

Co-founder Sylvia Heins: “I was raised on being read out loud to every night as a child and with that I have the natural ability to ‘imagine’.  The phenomenon of children having a phone or a tablet put in their hands at ages as young as 3 and 4 is very troubling for me.  I believe their ability to see things in their minds is stolen as they are habituated to always “watching”.  Shortly after meeting Tracy, I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful speaking voice she possesses.  Also, she is a wise, intuitive and compassionate person. She is the mother of 3 boys to whom she and their father also read books out loud at bedtime.  I proposed that we begin a project of making guided journeys for children to hear – and then extended it to teens, first responders and adults – that used her crystal singing bowl music as a soundtrack.”

About Sylvia

“I began my musical education at age 4 with classes based on the work of Karl Orff.  I then became of a student of Suzuki method piano lessons at age 7. My first professional engagement was at age 14 where I was hired to play piano by an upscale hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan (the Amway Grand Plaza).  I attended Bennington College in Vermont and received my B.A. in Philosophy and Black Music.  I spent years teaching music to children independently and performing as a singer and pianist in venues throughout the U.S..  Prior to the COVID lockdowns I had a major tour booked across the West Coast in performing arts centers, which was subsequently canceled.  My greatest love is singing and playing for people, and I was disappointed at this turn of events.  However, I clearly understood that it would be a good idea to create a business that used my skills as a web developer, writer and content creator to be a reliable foundation for future endeavors.  I couldn’t ask for a better business and creative partner than Tracy.  I am very grateful.” – Sylvia lives in Port Townsend, Washington

About Tracy

“I received my education from California Polytechnic State University and completed my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Adolescent Development.  I worked as a preschool teacher, social worker, correctional counselor, volunteer for the police department in patrolling, and as an esthetician; I have been in my current role as owner of a natural spa for almost a decade.  I am a mother of three wonderful boys. 

At the meeting of divine inspiration and transformative energy lies our purpose.  As I witnessed the shifts in my clients when playing the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, I wanted to make this music available to more than a single person or group.  To offer these ethereal frequencies to the masses became a driving force and visionary calling.  I collaborated with Sylvia and her unique gifts to orchestrate a resonance that transcends ordinary experiences and a celestial synergy began to effortlessly unfold.” – Tracy resides in Santa Rosa, California

Together we meld imaginative storytelling, inspired by divine downloads, with the frequencies of the singing bowls.  This creates a conduit, a bridge between the two to carry a listener toward healing, enlightenment, and self love.

Soundbaths and Guided Meditations

Let us help you rewire your brain for more love, success, joy, satisfaction, wealth and more!

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